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19: How to Transition to Passive Income in Your Service Based Business

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[03:12] The two types of coaches that Haley works with

[11:40] How to transition from a service to a course as a service based entrepreneur by using “rocks” A.K.A. modules to help your clients.

[19:39] The math behind why it may be best for you to shift from a tangible service or offering as a service based entrepreneur to a course offering

[25:30] The four parts of a sales machine

[34:00] How to find leads when you are shifting from a service to a course offering

[39:00] One small step you can take to get started

I was on Jen's Pro Organizer Studio podcast last week and she was asking some awesome questions around the process of creating a course or a membership site, when you're juggling clients 24/7. I knew for those who are looking into creating a scalable offer that has a zero revenue ceiling, you might have a lot of these questions bouncing around in your mind as well. This was such an in depth episode, so you may want to take notes, you may want to listen twice. I just knew I had to share it with you.


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How to automate the marketing of your course or membership site

Without losing connection to your people.