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16. How I Made $86,227 In November 2019

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I create these income reports so you can see inside my business and what scaling an online business looks like. I know running a business can be terrifying at times, it’s a scary thrilling adventure where we aren’t getting a lot of guidance. These income reports are meant to help you navigate entrepreneurship as you grow alongside of me!


This month I realized that I started to play victim. I was telling myself that I was overwhelmed. And that it was just too much for me to handle. But this is all a mindset that I had. I was saying that I was overwhelmed because it was easy. It was easy to play that victim in my business and to use that as my safety bubble. But I realized the negative consequences this type of thinking could have on my business and I quickly retrained my brain and told myself that I can handle this.


We have been drowning in work on the backend of this. My team and I literally were drowning in work, but I was afraid to hire anyone new to help us. I was afraid of repeating past mistakes that could cost me money and I was having a hard time letting go of my ego. I wanted to swoop in and save my team and my clients. I wanted to be the hero of the business. However, this all started because I wasn’t thinking big enough. I was thinking small and told myself that I can handle everything, where in reality if my goal is to 10X this company we needed help and we needed it now. So I let go of my ego and we hired FIVE new team members. Within just two days of these new members coming on board, our entire business on the backend has improved and the customers are seeing so many great results.


With the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, I have seen and expect to see more people from both my past and present and some of them are very toxic relationships. Some of them are my closest friends and I have had to let them go from my life because they are so negative and are trying to drag me down. So many times in our industry we see people try to beat us. They are in this competition with us and try to do everything in their power to make us feel less than them. But one thing I have learned is that this is nothing to attach an emotion to. This is simply a human instinct. People feel triggered and will always want to be better than you and will resent you if they even think you have the edge on them. But you can’t let that control your life and your business. You have to be willing to let that relationship go and understand that what they are doing is just an instinct and you can’t react to it.

INCOME – $86,227

Recurring Profit – $61,592

The Scalability Lounge – $23,635

Partners – $1000

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