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23. Get More Clients by Not Blogging with Meredith Rines

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[01:56] Why Meredith started her journey asking the wrong questions

[07:25] Why Meredith stopped blogging and chose her next move based off of data

[08:50] How Meredith used her newfound free time to her advantage

[13:28] Why Meredith refuses to lower her goals

[16:20] How Meredith attracts her clients

[20:54] Meredith’s biggest piece of advice for getting new clients

Meredith Rines as an accountant and financial planner, felt like she HAD to create blog content constantly even though it was bringing in little to no profits for her. Within just a few days of joining the Scalability Lounge in April 2019, Meredith decided that she had enough with the blog. She stopped creating blog content and put her time to better use. Within one month she was able to get three new clients and had two to three new prospective calls per week. I knew I just had to share her success story with you today! 


Meredith Rines is an Accountant and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. She runs Bookkeeping By Meredith, an online bookkeeping firm for creative business owners. Meredith helps online business owners create their own Profitable Money Systems so they can stop wasting time in their bookkeeping each month and learn how to create 30% higher profit margins. In addition to running her one-on-one bookkeeping services, Meredith created The 3-Part Framework To Building Your Profitable Money System Masterclass to teach entrepreneurs how to create their own Bookkeeping System in under 30 minutes a month. When Meredith isn't teaching others how to make sense of their financials, you can find her with her husband, their son, and their three rescue pups.


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