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26. Creating a 6-Figure Business on 20 Hours a Week with Vanessa Ryan

I'm HALeY!

I help entrepreneurs use sales psychology to create consistent, evergreen 10k+ months with a course or membership site. Ditch live launching, expensive Facebook ads and slow growth.


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[07:15] Why Vanessa started her business and how it went from 50 hours a week to under 20 hours a week

[15:25] How Vanessa identified what worked best for her and her business and used that to her advantage

[19:09] Why Vanessa quit tracking “vanity metrics” and started tracking what really helped her business

[24:27] How Vanessa started to trust herself in making business decisions and experimenting in her business

[29:25] How Vanessa changed her mindset from a place of scarcity to a place of abundance

Vanessa has amazing design superpowers! In 2015 she hit the ground running with her business and before long, she was drowning. With fifty hours of work every week and only making $6,000 in her first year, Vanessa knew she needed to change. She then joined my program and started to grow. Before long, she was making $20,000 in a year. As she persevered, her business BLEW UP. She was able to cut her work time to only 20 hours a week and for the past two years she has made over six figures consistently. I can't wait to share Vanessa's story with you on today's episode! 


Vanessa is an template designer who helps women entrepreneurs finally design their first or next online course with pretty, professional Canva Templates. She is also an Opt in Genius, and is known as the Opt in Queen with the superpower to turn strangers into fast friends, future clients and customers using opt in and email marketing.


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