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43. Live Launch Dependent to 6-Figure Evergreen Course with Erika Vieira

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I help entrepreneurs use sales psychology to create consistent, evergreen 10k+ months with a course or membership site. Ditch live launching, expensive Facebook ads and slow growth.


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Erika started out at a podcast host and YouTube star that depended on live launching, which took up way too much time. Nobody else was teaching what she was teaching, and her approach was so unique, that she knew she needed to scale her business in a way that allowed her the freedom to have consistent sales. She then joined Recurring Profit where she created an evergreen webinar and was able to scale her business over that 6-figure mark, and now even in the midst of uncertainty, she has the certainty of a sales machine that works. I am so excited to hear Erika’s journey to this point in her business on today’s episode.


Erika Vieira, personal branding strategist for YouTube creators and entrepreneurs, is the host of The YouTube Power Hour podcast and creator of The Zero to Influence YouTube Bootcamp. The YouTube Power Hour Podcast has consistently been one of iTunes top marketing podcasts and Erika has been a featured speaker at Podcast Movement sharing her knowledge and expertise running a successful podcast. Erika has also been interviewed and featured on several popular podcasts such as Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn, The Influencer Podcast with Julie Solomon, The Mind Your Business Podcast with James Wedmore, The Angie Lee Show and dozens more. Alumni from Erika's Zero to Influence YouTube Bootcamp have gone on to reach hundreds of thousands of subscribers, tens of millions of video views and become well-known influencers in their space. Since starting her YouTube coaching business in 2018, Erika has helped over 300 women on their YouTube journey and built a multiple six figure income without the use of ads in 18 months all while raising her two young daughters who are 2 and 4.


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