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60. Building a Better Business for Your Audience

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This episode features Dr. Rozy Khan, an ICU doctor in Los Angeles, who was able to create $60K in 30 days with Recurring Profit.

[05:50] Rozy goes evergreen

[09:45] The problem with live-launching 

[22:20] Owning a niche audience

[23:27] Wanting to make more of an impact 

How an ICU doctor created $60K in 30 days by helping med students

Did you know the physician field is only 30% female? 🤯 One of my favorite people, Dr. Rozy Khan, is working to change that while being unapologetically feminine. I met Rozy in Los Angeles when she walked up to my group’s table with a direct team mindset question. Two days later we were having brunch and developing Rozy’s evergreen sales machine.

She is such an inspiration to other powerful and inspired women that I invited her to the Hey Haley Podcast to share her story about revamping her course website. Even in the midst of COVD-19, she has used sales psychology to continue to motivate and guide young med students to become industry-leading doctors.

Enjoy our conversation and learn from Rozy’s awesome insight.

Haley: Guys, Rozy went evergreen like 30 or 45 days ago, but in 30 days, Rozy was able to create $60,000 in sales. And that was after, I remember when you were so frustrated. You were frustrated as hell. What were you so frustrated with when we met at the L.A. event?

Rozy: I kept thinking about evergreen because my students are on an academic cycle. They’re applying between April and August, so it was hard for me to take the advice to ‘Just do two big live launches a year’. And when we met, I was looking for something new, a way to go evergreen. So when we met it was a breath of fresh air. And the sales psychology, it made so much sense, and it actually works!

Haley: That’s the best part about it. That it actually works!

Rozy: Everything that you have crafted within Recurring Profit is so very specific and it’s all data-driven. And I give my students the same thing. I don’t give them opinions on how they should apply to med school. Data definitely doesn’t lie.

Haley: I think a lot of people who are stuck in live launching, it’s kind of like a comfort zone. They think ‘I know I’m going to make $40,000 every time,’ but it’s completely inconsistent. And going evergreen allows you to be consistent.

Rozy: Yeah, cause my live launches fluctuated a lot. Sometimes I was up to $50- or $60-thousand dollar launches but I was also getting a 30% refund request at that time, and that stung, a lot. The quality of students fluctuated, too. The first time I went evergreen in May, I got zero sales because I didn’t hone in on the messaging. So, we went through it again, and I really dove into what my audience was looking for. I almost wanted to stop and do a live launch just to generate some cash flow, but we stuck with it and when it launched, that first week, oh my gosh. I was so overwhelmed with sales and was working in a COVID ICU so I had to turn it off and stop running ads because I couldn’t keep up with the new student onboarding process.

Haley: Isn’t that crazy, too? That you had to stop making money because you couldn’t handle all the money that was coming in. The beauty about evergreen is you can still live launch in those peak moments and you can take advantage of that if live launching is something you really want to do.

Rozy: Yeah, totally. I can see myself doing a big live launch just before application portals open up and making it a really fun experience for everyone.

Haley: You were just explaining to me that in another coaching program, they were telling you to do two big live launches each year, but that didn’t feel right to you. So, you went with your gut over what “experts” were telling you. Tell everyone about that.

Rozy: In their mind, they were saying, if you do the two big giant live launches, you’ll make a ton of money. But I thought about the students who would get their test scores back after my live launch. What would they do for a year? And the coach was basically like, ‘Yeah, but who cares?’ But, I do. I care. I want to give those students a place to go. So, I just went with my gut, and when I turned to Recurring Profit, I knew it was the right fit. You make it so easy.

Haley: Your brain does not have time in the day to learn how to get from step A to step B, so I try to make it easy. In just 5 or 10 hours a week, you can do this.

Rozy: You give us exact words, exact software. It’s a no-brainer.

Haley: Rozy if you were at a cotton candy story with a friend, and they asked you this: “Rozy, I’m really stuck in the live launch program. I’m almost at 6-figures but I’ve been there for a year or two. What should I do?”

Rozy: I would tell them, so, I know this girl, Hey Haley. I would tell them you have to go with Recurring Profit.

Haley: When you start impacting people, your bank account grows on auto pilot.

Rozy: It really does and that’s how I want it. If I just wanted to make the money, I could just pick up more shifts at the hospital. But I want to make an impact and Recurring Profit allows me to do that.

If you’re ready to find the same success Rozy has experienced, check out Recurring Profit. Whether you want to build a course or membership site, I can help you achieve consistent $10K months with an automated, evergreen sales machine.


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