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51: How I Made $229,000 in October 2020

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Milestone 1 – [1:32] Getting vulnerable and grieving loss

The beginning of the month brought a huge loss into my life. Learning to give myself room to grieve was a major aspect of growth for this month. Separating work and life is often hard for me, so learning to step back and fully sit in my emotions was a major leap for me.

Milestone 2 – [8:26] Stepping out of roles and letting go

Starting off the month, I held 3 roles on the team; CEO, Director of Growth, and Ads Manager. By the end of the month, I was solely CEO. Having one role was a whole new world for me, and truly very difficult to navigate. I had to step back and re-evaluate what I was doing in the business and where I needed to give up control. There was a feeling of losing control with my life so I had to feel in control in my business which brought way more difficulties than it brought benefit. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that I was sabotaging my own business. I let my team step up in the areas where I needed to step down and let go of control.

Milestone 3  – [19:26] Being told no is not an option

I got told that a 25 million-dollar business is not possible in this industry. Hearing that just made my heart hurt. I never want any of my students to have to hear a statement like this that completely shuts down their goals and dreams. This statement has been a huge driving force for me this month.

Milestone 4  – [20:33] Shifting my energy

We are looking at making another hire for a bookkeeper. Sometimes the worry of hiring the “right” team member prevents me from just letting things happen and allowing my energy to bring in the right people. I have been focusing on shifting my energy to allow things to flow in my life. The right mindset can bring the right people to me if I allow it to happen. Fear can also prevent things from moving in my life. With so many new milestones being hit in my business, I am having to learn to not let fear stop me. There is such a fine balance with fear of being cautious of it while also not letting it debilitate you. My goal this month was to find balance in being fearless while also being grounded.

Milestone 5 – [24:53] What this month has taught me

This month has taught me that I can handle anything. From having hard conversations to hitting new business milestones, I learned that I can handle anything thrown my way. I may have had to conquer it with sweaty palms and shaky hands, but I am on the other side and proud of what I have accomplished. The biggest thing I have learned is sometimes action doesn’t create clarity. Slower action that is prioritized well is what creates real results.


INCOME – $229,429




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