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Hey Haley, What Is Your Million-Dollar Morning Routine?

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My Morning Routine of Meditation and Math

A powerful morning routine can set you up for a full day of success. I totally believe when you get your mind in the right place before you take a deep dive into your day, you have the opportunity to develop a positive outlook, mentally prep for unforeseen challenges, and remind yourself why you've taken the giant leap to become a rockstar CEO.


On a recent trip to Los Angeles, I was asked a question that made me realize – despite all our real-life conversations we've shared on my podcast, The Hey Haley Podcast – I've never shared my morning routine with you. My hope is that after I share what gets me going in the AM, you'll be inspired enough to run out a grab a whiteboard and get to work. So, fill up your coffee cup and let's establish a morning routine.


My Morning Multi-Purpose Space

After a recent move to Fort Worth, I was getting lonely working at home. I ventured out and rented an office space. So, I would use my two-person office to get work done during the day, but I would return to an empty home office that really was desperate for repurposing.


I transformed my old office into a multi-purpose space. It's now an all-in-one home yoga studio, business brainstorming area, walk-in closet, and meditation space. When I wake up between 6 and 6:30 each morning, this multi-function room is my first stop. I use this time and space to relax and center before launching into the day.


The Spark

My meditation pillow gets me started. I plop it on the floor and sink into it. I use the same pillow each morning so my body will begin to memorize the feeling of entering a meditative state. While I'm on my pillow, I'll use a meditative app, like Calm or Headspace, to walk me through the morning's reflection. My goal is typically 10 or 15 minutes, but on occasion, I'm happy with a 5-minute session. But – this is the key – no matter how long I meditate, I congratulate myself on a job well done.


Pro Tip: As a solopreneur, you must learn to be your own cheerleader. Finding support, especially in the beginning phase of launching a business, can be rough. Trust me when I say you need to learn how to shake a couple of pom-poms for your small wins!
When my meditation session is up, I immediately read my Vivid Vision Statement.


What's A Vivid Vision Statement?

So glad you asked. Each morning, I read my vision for my business:
HBHQ just achieved rescuing 30,000 entrepreneurs from survival mode and donated $1 million to help women across the globe. How amazing is that? And you did it!
This is the statement I read to myself each morning because I want to get very clear on why I'm waking up and why I'm putting my energy into this business. Creating your own Vivid Vision Statement should be very personal, but I've got a couple of tips to help you craft your daily affirmation.


  • Set measurable achievements. (Like my 30K entrepreneurs and $1 million support of women)
  • Write it as if it's already happened. (Not a plan, not a hope, but an accomplished goal)
  • Congratulate yourself (yes, again) that you're a part of something so amazing.
Now that I've meditated, read my Vivid Vision Statement, and have a very clear understanding of my intent. I do math.

Understanding The Strength In Numbers

My Morning Routine of Meditation and Math podcast episode breaks down the numbers to my goals. On my whiteboard, I have my goal of impacting 5,000 entrepreneurs in the Scalability Lounge and 500 in Recurring Profit, ultimately building a $13 million a year brand. I break down how each of my business ventures will collectively bring in $1.16 million monthly. 


This part of my morning routine is so crucial for me because math is emotionless. I can calculate the numbers and build a growth plan without draining myself of creativity or passion for the day. It's a simple mathematical equation that explains how I will expand HBHQ and help humanity along the way. (Check out the podcast for an in-depth explainer of how my team and I will generate $380,000 a month to donate to different humanitarian projects.) 


Now it's your turn. Ask yourself, “What time do I want to wake up in the morning?” Then plan for an additional five or 10 minutes to complete a meditation session. Give yourself a balanced, neutral start to the day. And, of course, what's great just before coffee and pancakes – math! What's your goal? Maybe it's simply to make rent this month. Fine! Repeat that to yourself. You may not have a three-year plan at this point in your biz journey, and that's totally ok.


If your achievement is revenue-based, if you want to make more sales, if you could use some guidance on how to create an evergreen sales machine, check out our training page! 


Now, go grab your whiteboard and pillow and see how meditation and math in the morning can drastically change how you see the rest of your day.

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