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Hey Haley, How Can I Get Paid to Create My Course?

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What if I told you that you can get paid to create your course…and that you can actually have fun doing it?

 You’ve taken the steps to know exactly who you are targeting for your course, you know what transformation you want them to have, and you’ve got your content mapped out. You might be thinking, “Great! I’ve done all my research, and I’m ready to help people! But what next? How can I actually get started creating a course?”


Maybe you’re working with clients, your days are already booked out and you’re thinking, “I know what I want to do but how am I ever going to make the time to create a whole course from scratch?”


What I’m going to share with you is called the Beta Cash Flow Formula. This method is going to get you paid to build your course in 3 easy steps in only 3 days.


Invite. Convert. Profit.


Yeah, it’s that simple.


But before we get started, the first thing you’re going to do before inviting students into your beta program is to set both target and touchdown goals for the amount of students you want for your beta, and to choose the pricing for your beta program.


Let’s say the number of students you really want to reach is 5 beta members. You’re going to use the following strategies to reach for 5 beta members, but I don’t want you to just stop at your target goal. I want you to strive for a number bigger than that, maybe around 20, meaning you’re going to start the beta cash flow formula with the mindset of someone who is going to get 20 beta members.


To summarize: strategize for your target goal, strive for your touchdown goal, but DON’T attach your worth to hitting your touchdown goal–these are just numbers, not metrics for success!


Remember that no matter how many students you have in beta, you have paying members who are going to give you valuable feedback about your program.


One quick word of advice: remember that the success of your beta does NOT reflect on how amazing you or your product is—this is just a jumping-off point!
The next step is to determine the price point of your beta program. This decision should only take a few seconds because honestly, the goal is just to get people paying. I personally recommend cutting the price of your program in half and be done with it. For example, I knew I wanted the evergreen price point of my membership site to be $47 so I charged $25 for my beta.


Now that we’ve determined your target and touchdown goals and the price point of your beta, the three steps to getting paid to create are as follows:


Step 1: Invite 

The first step is to do a 3-day campaign of magnets, inviting potential founding members to direct message you with the goal of getting as many as possible. Devote 72 hours to inviting potential students to be your beta members–3 days is all you get, and really all that you need to have a successful beta launch.


In those 3 days, we’re going to do 3 different approaches of pulling in potential beta members.


Day 1: Tangible Transformation Magnet


The first approach is to target the deep desires of your ideal client. Use your message mining and market research to decide what result your audience wants to get out of your program.




“I’m looking for 10 moms who want their child to sleep 8 hours a night so they can spend more time with their partners. If this sounds like you, DM me “8 hours” so we can make sure this system will work for you.”


 That’s ALL the copy you need—simple, short, and to the point!

Day 2: Polarizing Magnet

The second approach is to take a polarizing stance and to target the biggest pain point your ideal client faces. What frustrates them? Makes their life harder? What change do they want to see?



“It’s really annoying to post on Instagram every day without getting clients; it’s like all the time you spend leaves you with migraines and zero profit. I’m looking for 10 entrepreneurs who want to attract a fully-booked calendar of clients that pay invoices on time. If you’re in, DM me “client calendars” so I know you want to be one of the 10 and we can chat to make sure the system would work for you.”

Day 3: Signature Method Magnet

The last approach is where you’re going to describe what your program does and who it was built for.


“What if I told you there was a step-by-step system that would completely eliminate PMS in 90 days so you can finally have pain-free periods? Would you be in? I’m creating this brand new system for women starting May 13th and have 3 founding member spots left. Just DM me and let me know if you want one of these spots!”


Tip: Don’t call your students “beta members” when talking to them! Call them “founding members” instead, it sounds more elite and special!


Step 2: Convert

This step is the easiest of the three because all you’re doing is having a conversation with people who were interested enough in your program to DM you. This is your system and you know your stuff, but remember to keep it casual in the message and to remember the point of these conversations is not to give one-on-one advice but to instead share with them how your program can make their life better.
Tip: The magnets really work, but also feel free to reach out to potential students directly!
After the conversation has been initiated and if they seem like a good fit for your program, this is when you can ask, “Do you want me to send you the link to become a founding member?” where you’ll make a profit and your student will get access to your beta program.

Step 3: Profit

Now you’ve got the first members of your beta program and that’s something to celebrate!
After you get your beta members inside, put dates on when the content will come up so they’re excited about when the content is going up and they have it on their calendars. All of your content should be up within a maximum of 90 days. I’m going to share two methods of doing this.


Method 1: Pre-Recording

One method you can choose is to pre-record all of your content before putting it in your program. Schedule different dates on your calendar to record all of your lessons and then upload them.
This method works great for people who don’t feel as comfortable going live with their broadcasts, but the downside is that pre-recording usually doesn’t have the same energy levels as going live, and you might feel more pressure into making sure the videos are edited and perfect.


Method 2: Go Live

This is the method that I highly recommend. I’m such a fan of going broadcast-style because you schedule it, you go live, hit record. Then it’s done and ready to put into your course or program.


I’m also a huge fan of this method because it’s great for audience engagement and can really help you feel connected to your beta students. Schedule a date for your live recordings in either Facebook Live or Zoom and invite your founding members, making your content more connected with your audience and more fun.

Having founding members should be like having a party!

Retention and Community

I have two more topics I want to quickly go over that I get asked about all the time.


The first is retention rate. I get asked, “Haley…what if they email me and say they want to cancel?”
The only thing I want to say about this is that there are two modes in business: offense and defense. Thinking about someone canceling is being on the defense when you need to be focused on the offense. Don’t be so focused on saving 3 members that you’re missing out on gaining 100 more. Streamline and focus on growth for your course.


The second topic is making a community during beta mode and how to do this.
This is a super simple answer: have the dates for when your content is coming out, have a Facebook group with a welcome video, a description, and rules. You can also think about having a group welcome call to chat with and get to know your beta members.
Don’t stress about this part and remember that they’ll be the one posting and creating engagement!


I know we’ve covered a lot so let me break down in easy steps how this is going to work:
  1) set a date to start your beta
2) map out your beta magnets
  3) set up your offer using the platform of your choosing
4) get paid!
This is the start of something AMAZING and I am so excited for you to use the Beta Cash Flow Formula to get paid to create your course!


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