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Hey Haley, How Can I Attract and Convert the Right People?

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The 3 Secrets to Attract and Convert the Right People

A deep-thinking question from someone within my Instagram community sparked the need for me to give you 3 simple secrets on how to attract and convert the right people to your business. The question from Sam that ignited the need for this post was:


“Haley, I recently got curious about how you targeted your audience. In the beginning, I noticed I tend to prefer working with women, but I also enjoy working with men and trans individuals on occasion. So, I'm hesitant to specifically say, ‘I work with women.’ I noticed your audience seems to be primarily women, but that happened organically. Was it intentional?”


This is such a great question from Sam. To help us better understand the 3 secrets of attracting the right people, we’re going to differentiate an organic from strategic approach within your business.


Organic vs. Strategic

I am not strategic with my voice or my energy. I present who I am. So, on platforms like Instagram Stories, I attract a lot of people because there’s an ease of connecting. It’s natural for me to have high energy and engage with my audience because I truly feel like the people watching are my friends, and that 100% happens organically.


Who I am on Instagram Stories happens organically, but who I attract on Instagram Stories – that is intentional. The same is true for you. You want your true personality to shine through within your business, but there are effective ways to be sure you are attracting the right people.


3 Identities Your Business Needs

To attract the right people to your business, you must go beyond the “32-year-old female” type identities and get people to identify with your brand immediately. Incorporate these three identities into your business to start attracting people who will connect and convert.

1. Instant Identity

The goal of this identity is to allow your target audience to say, “Yep! That’s a business for me,” within one second of reading it. It’s typically a broad identity that’s super easy for people to categorize themselves in. Some examples of Instant Identity may include…
  • Stay-at-home moms
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Online business owners
It may feel counterintuitive to add restrictions to your target audience, but when you speak to a specific group of people, rather than anyone with a bank account, you will see your conversion rate grow immensely.


2. Escape Identity

The Escape Identity is designed to recognize the pain points of your target audience and build trust. The right people will say, “Oh, she’s helping people like me, and I can trust her because she understands what I’m going through.”


My Escape Identity is Molly the Coach. You don’t have to name yours, but in Recurring Profit, Molly is the Escape Identity. Her schedule is organized but insanely packed. She struggles to squeeze in family time and certainly has no time to grow her business. She’s working long hours, frustrated, and overwhelmed most days.


By building this identity, your target audience says, “Yes! That’s me! I’m Molly!”


3. Dream Identity

The third identity is your target audience’s end goal. It’s where they want to end up – how they define success. For Recurring Profit, the Dream Identity is the Leader. The Leader has a six-figure recurring profit membership or course site and can work when she chooses.   She’s able to help people and coach them to success without holding their hand.


Your goal is to get your target audience from the Escape Identity to the Dream Identity without feeling like a sleazy pitch person. When each identity is presented correctly, and you become really in tune with whom you want to attract, your target audience will gravitate toward your service.


Abandon The Avatar

When you incorporate these three identities into your business and begin identifying with each of them, understanding their needs, and making adjustments, your conversion rate will skyrocket. Stop trying to build out the ideal client avatar and start identifying with your target audience in a more sincere way.


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