Prioritizing Your To-Do List -

Prioritizing Your To-Do List

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“Hey Haley, I own 4 businesses with a small team, and I have an out-of-control to-do list. Where do I start?”

I will dive right in on how to start prioritizing your to-do list and say upfront that I do not encourage anyone to have more than one business if the first business is not automated and can grow on its own without more than 5 hours of your time a week. 
Think about your time as an entrepreneur. Time is your biggest asset. If you are spreading yourself too thin, it is not beneficial to you or your business. As you start doing more than one thing, your results go down. Make sure that having multiple businesses is really going to benefit you in the long-term over just scaling the one business that you have. Thinking about this will immediately add priority to your to-do list. 

Rule of 1

1 person gets 1 result inside of 1 offer to make 1 million dollars. 
It’s that simple. 
I always stress to my students that they only need 1 person to get 1 result inside of 1 offer they can scale to 1 million dollars. When you are juggling multiple offers or multiple businesses, this rule of 1 cannot work. Sometimes keeping your to-do list simple is what is best. I talk more about the rule of ones here: You Only Need One Opt-In to Make a Million Dollars 

Map it Out

If all else fails, map it out. Write down each of your businesses and analyze their income. Are there any of the businesses that are bringing in less than $5000 a month? If yes, put them on pause and completely remove any efforts towards them. That’s right; pause your business. It is not worth your time and can actually be detrimental to your business success if you continue to try and scale each business. 
With the businesses you have listed that are still left, your main objective will be to automate and maintain each business. You will do this by creating your sales machine (link to another resource here). Once these businesses are automated, they will require minimal attention and can allow you to focus on then scaling your other businesses. 

Switch up the AICP Formula  

Instead of following the usual path of Attracting, Inviting, Converting, then Profiting, I want you to switch it up. First, start with convert and really build your sales machine. Fully map it out and run through it so you have a thorough understanding of how it works. Then invite and really run through your registration page to ensure that it is thorough and converting properly. After that, you can attract and profit as your final steps in creating your evergreen sales machine. 


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