Breaking Down the Backend of a $6 Mil Team -

Breaking Down the Backend of a $6 Mil Team

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“Hey Haley, what does the backend of a 6-figure team look like?”

There is always a ton of questions in my inbox and DM’s regarding the backend structure of my team. I wanted to provide you with a fully-detailed post on the backend of my team and what our hierarchy looks like to give you an idea on how my company is run.

I believe that right now, YOU have a million dollar course in your brain. The only thing that is between you and where you are at right now and that one-million dollar course is what is in your head and how you are using your brain and the skills you will have to acquire to take that one-million dollars. I always want to be transparent and show you how I am thinking things and structuring things that way you don’t have to make the mistakes that I have made.

Right now, you might have no-one on your team, or you might have 1-2 employees. Either way- I think this information will help you develop your ideal team structure to have in place as you grow.

Your Vision, Your Team

I want you to know your team can look however you want it to. Whether you just want a few contractors or you want a lot of full-time employees, you can develop your team however you want it to look. That’s what is great about entrepreneurship is that we can create our own reality and future. What do you want your future business to look like?

Whether or not you hire for all these positions I mention in my hierarchy chart, these positions do exist. Either you are filling them or someone else is filling them. You might want to see the way I am structuring this because you are probably filling all these roles right now, which is okay if you are making less than 6-figures. If you haven’t hit 6-figures yet, you kind of get to wear all the hats. It’s a fun season because you get to be creative in all the roles. You feel on top of the world. When you graduate from that season, you will be moving on to specialties. You will actually have your specialty but then hire out for everything that is not your specialty. That’s going to get you to 7 figures.

Once you get to 7 figures, you will really step into the CEO role and start managing and building out your leadership team. Once you reach the 5-million mark, you should really just be the CEO of the company and everything else needs to be hired out and split up like a machine. It’s helpful for most to have some benchmarks in their mind.

Okay, let’s really dive in.

Let’s start with the hierarchy chart.


Visionary is at the top. This is the CEO. The CEO is the person that really crafts the future of the business. The Visionary/CEO does not live in the current time. Some people get really offended when I say that my brain lives in the future because they take that as I am not grateful for where I am at right now. Our society has trained us to believe that if we think about what we want in the future, that means we are not grateful or present in what is happening in the present.

Here’s the thing.

To be a successful visionary, your job is to literally live in the future. You are in charge of painting the future for the company. Imagine if the CEO just focused on what was happening that day? The rest of the team would have no direction for where they are going. If the team is building the road, you have to tell them where the road is leading. You are sharing your vision for the road!


The amazing thing about the word integrator can be made to mean whatever you want! I created a custom role for my integrator based on what I envisioned the role to look like for my company. With my integrator, we have meetings together to explain my vision and it is their job to integrate that vision into the roles of the company. This does not mean that I only talk to my integrator! I am still very involved, but the key difference is that I am not managing anyone besides my integrator. My Integrator is the only employee that I directly manage. It is my Integrator’s job to manage and delegate tasks to the rest of the team so that my main focus can be on the visionary/CEO role.


Under the integrator is our departments. Our company consists of 3 departments: Growth, Client Success, and Operations.

Growth of department is in charge of getting leads and converting leads. Client Success is in charge of ensuring the success of the students within Recurring Profit. Operations runs things like HR, Payroll, Emails, etc. Each Department has a Director that oversees the department and that reports departmental goals and updates to the integrator.

Let’s break down each department further to give you a better idea of the structure of the company.

The Operations Department:

Our Operations Department oversees the basic operations of the business such as payroll, student failed payments, and finances. We have a Finance Manager and Office Assistant that spearhead the main tasks of the department. Our operations department is so small that we actually have it all fall under the integrator. The Operations Department is run on a much smaller scale than the other departments and doesn’t need a director like the other two departments do.

The Growth Department: 

Like I said before, the Growth Department is in charge of getting leads and converting leads. The Director of Growth  We do that through 4 different sub-branches: Partner branch, ad branch, sales branch, media branch. Each branch is led by a branch manager that reports to their director.

 Sales Branch:

 The sales department is run by our sales manager and underneath them, we have sales coordinators. These are the people that are hopping on the calls and chatting with potential Recurring Profit students. We love that this department cares. We are very careful about who actually gets to be on sales calls. Being on the sales team is seen as a privilege because they get to work so closely with our students. To book a call with our sales team to get your 7-figure action plan, you can go to

Partner Branch: 

Our partner branch is led by our Partner Manager. Their job is to work with other companies and people who are looking to promote or recommend Recurring Profit. We work with many fellow course creators through our partner program that have courses that pair well with our own.


There are many different ads that can fall under this branch. Our company has run

Facebook ads, google ads, and Pinterest ads in the past, but currently are just focusing on Facebook Ads. We spend about $40-60 thousand dollars a month on Facebook ads.

This department also works with a Facebook Ads contractor that helps implement the strategies we have put in place for our ads. It is the job of the Ads Branch Manager work on strategy for ads. The CEO/Visionary should only spend 1 hour to 1.5 hours a week on approving these strategies and providing feedback.

The Client Success Department 

 The client success department, led by the director of client success, has the main goal of ensuring that every student that enters Recurring Profit feels heard, seen, appreciated, loved, and gets results.

Broken down into pods rather than branches. We want Recurring Profit to stay in family-like groups that are small so that students can still interact and feel connected to their group and pod leader. This is why we are breaking up the Client Success Department into pods of around 350 students per pod. Our end goal is to have 12 different pods that correspond to each month. Each pod is run by pod managers and pod coaches. The pod managers and pod coaches are in charge of handling community, and ensuring that each Recurring Profit Student is connected into the community that we have worked so hard to foster.

So that is what a hierarchy of my team looks like! The really cool thing is that everything in our business is centered around the student. Every role on our team is developed by the student. Absolutely nothing in our company happens without putting the needs of our Recurring Profit family first. Having that as our driving force is what keeps the heart of the company alive.

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