The First 5 Steps to Hiring Your Next Team Member -

The First 5 Steps to Hiring Your Next Team Member

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How to Know Who to Hire

Let’s say you start out with no one but yourself in your business and you have started to make 10K months with your course or membership site. You are ready to hire on some help, but have NO clue where to start. Where do you even begin to think about hiring on your team?

I want to start out by saying that there is NOT a right or a wrong way to start hiring out for your team. This is just worked for ME and my company!! Take this advice and do what is best for YOU and your business.

Also, If you haven’t read or listened to my previous article and podcast about building a 6-figure team, I would recommend checking that out so you know what roles I am talking about! This is the perfect place to start if you want to start envisioning what your team should look like as you are growing. 

My first piece of advice is to not even think about the leadership team when you are starting out hiring. You are the director, visionary, CEO. You are the entire leadership team. Until you hit 6-figures, you are going to have to wear multiple different hats as your team is growing. This won’t always be the case, but for this season of your business, you will have to juggle wearing all the different leadership hats.

1. What to do when you are ready to hire

Okay, so now that you are sure that you are ready to hire, what hat do you pass off first? First let’s look at departments. The main departments you will need to hire for are the Client Success Department and the Growth Department.

Starting out, you need to stay in the Growth Department. Since Client Success is seen as fulfillment, this department needs to take priority. This is the first department you want to automate and streamline quickly. If you don’t start here, it will effect your students.

You will KNOW when you need to start hiring out when your client success starts to be affected by you being the only employee. I have been there myself, you burn yourself out answering all the questions and try to be a superhero with all the answers. You want your students to be successful, but between balancing everything, their success is starting to be affected. Your students need to be your top priority, so hiring out is vital if it leads to their success.

Hiring out for this department does not mean that you are no longer involved in the client success department. You want to maintain a healthy relationship with your students. I understand you still want to be involved in your course, but doing this allows you to establish healthy boundaries and ensure client success. Doing this provides balance, which is key in the longevity of your business. Boundaries not only help you, but they help your students.

 2. Decide the type of position you need to hire for

I would recommend creating the role of client success assistant and start the job out at 10-20 hours a week. This person will serve as the customer support assistant. They will be handling  community management, managing emails. Your assistant can also scan the group for questions and gather general info. These can be basic questions that they can develop a FAQ for, or have common replies that they can answer with. If it is a question that is more in-depth that needs to be answered by you, then the assistant can jot it down and utilize your task management system, we use Clickup, to assign you these questions to answer. This creates a quick system for getting work done that might have previously taken you an hour or more of scanning the group, surveying students questions, etc. By doing this, your face is still in the group and you are still involved. We are just re-structuring your involvement so your energy is well spent.

The biggest piece of advice I have for you in hiring is don’t hire entrepreneurs to do these tasks. You want to hire someone who wants to be a part of a team. Not someone who wants to build their own business.

3. Where to Focus

Since you have now outsourced so much of your client success tasks, you can move your focus elsewhere. Where is the best direction to be focusing your energy on? You need to spend your energy on SALES. Selling gives you money. Money is the oxygen of your business. Without sales, your business cannot stay alive. Sales allow you to impact way more people.

You need to have an automated sales machine that is automated by cold free leads. Once you hit 10K months, paid and cold free leads. Once you reach this point, somebody needs to be injecting traffic into these sales funnel. Before you know it, you will have a multi-million dollar business and you will need a leadership team.

4. Where to look for qualified candidates

You don’t need a leadership team until you hit about 1/2 a million. Once you hit that mark, you can look at hiring your first director!

So where do you start looking for these people?

Indeed. We have hired exclusively on Indeed. All of our job openings are posted on there and within a week or two, we have many qualified applicants to begin funneling through our interview process. 

We have a great hiring system that has 3 intense rounds that candidates have to go through in order to be hired. Having so many rounds really weeds out candidates and allows great candidates to stand out because of the tasks we give.

5. How To hire

I highly recommend creating a hiring process that they have to go through. When I first started hiring, I went solely off of my gut instincts. This became a problem because I see potential in everybody.

One thing I recommend looking out for during your hiring process is someone who is willing to voice their opinion openly, and even debate you. I hired my Integrator because she had such strong opinions on things. The second someone debates me, I have trust for them. They have a strong opinion means they know what they are talking about, they have done their research, and they are passionate about the company. This is a good sign to always be watching out for when you are hiring.

As a leader, we don’t get training in leadership. What we do know is that I deeply care about people and I never let my ego take the reins at any time. Constructive criticism is encouraged at all times. That is what makes a business great. If you are just hiring a bunch of “yes men” and you are contributing all the ideas, that is not fun. You need people who are willing to openly disagree, and even debate you if it means furthering and bettering the company.

Start Hiring! 

Okay, so you have vetted your candidates, found the best fit, and are ready to hire? Great!! Make sure you have a plan developed for how you want your teams to begin forming so as you hire, you can be sure to be building upon these plans. Again, I highly recommend checking out this podcast episode and this article on how I built my 6-figure team so you can get an idea of what positions you want to start hiring for as you grow bigger! 

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