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It’s Math, Not Mindset

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“Hey Haley, How do you up-level your mindset so you can grow to a stage where you can hire on a big team and make bank”

My DM’s are always filled with questions about mindset, and how to change your mindset to help you up-level your business. My opinion on mindset in this industry might be controversial and may not be what you are wanting to hear.

But I am going to be honest.

What we have done in this industry is chalked everything up to this elusive idea of “Mindset”. This fluffy concept that will somehow fix everything in your business. Mindset is used as a term that will fix everything. If you change your mindset, all of a sudden your business will be successful. I don’t necessarily agree with that.

You all know me, and know that I think very analytical. For me, it’s way more than mindset that you need to be changing to find success. It all comes down to finding tangible, real solutions to your problems and breaking them down with numbers to find your answers.

That’s right, it’s math NOT mindset. That’s all.

How to start building your team off of data, not mindset

So you are looking to up-level your business and get to a place where you can look at hiring a team? Let’s create a tangible solution involving math that can get you to your goals, rather than focusing on changing your mindset.

First look at what numbers you need. Then identify who you want to hire and what price. Your price should be set based off of the math on what that person’s work is going to be making on your investment.


Start with something tangible like you making 10K a month. You can start by hiring someone at $10-$15 an hour for 20 hours a week. From there, start figuring out your investment.

Let’s say this person does instagram commenting for you. In 1 hour they can comment on 50 posts. Out of every 50 posts you are getting 10 leads and you have a 10% conversion rate so for every 10 leads you are getting one sale. If your program costs $500, then you are making $500 for 1 hour of that employees work minus their hourly pay.

By breaking it down like this, you can see that this is a great investment. Some people see hiring someone as just a way to save you time. Yes, hiring an employee will save you time, but it should also be bringing in profit and adding revenue to the company. In the above scenario, you are only paying $15/hour but you are making a profit of $500 as long as you maintain that 10% conversion rate.

None of that equation comes down to mindset. It all comes down to math and strategy.

Where do I even start? 

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