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3 Steps That Turn Cold Leads Into Warm Leads

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What is a warm lead?

Most people are told that the definition of a warm lead is a lead that somehow thinks they know you. They have some type of familiarity or connection to who you are, and are therefore more likely to buy in to what you do or what you offer. What if I told you this definition was all wrong?! That leads do not have to feel like they know you to still be considered warm?

I think the way we have previously looked at and defined warm leads is total BS. Looking at it this way makes the process so slow, meaning a super slow conversion. It absolutely does not have to be this way, you just have to change your perspective of how you look at leads.

It’s all about how you take care of your leads, warm or cold, on the backend. That is what truly defines and drives a sale.

In Recurring Profit, many people have never even met me or gotten to “know” me on social media, yet they still buy the program because we take such good care of them on the backend of the webinar and sales process.

3 Things You Need

In my opinion, there is a checklist of only 3 things that you need to check off so you can consider your lead a “warm” lead.

People need to believe in you.

They need to believe in themselves.

And they need to believe in the offer.

That’s it. That is all that you need to take a cold lead to a warm lead and have a greater chance of converting your lead into a student.

1. They Need to Believe in You

People need to believe in you as a person. They need to trust you and be assured that they are not going to get burned by joining your course or membership site. SO many people have had bad experiences with programs and because of that, they are very slow to trust. I establish credibility and trust in my webinar, so that my leads truly get to know me and trust me upfront. So many students that go through my program never even followed me on Instagram first. The idea that they have to follow you and get to know you over a long period of time is wayyyy off. You can establish trust within the first few minutes of getting a lead, you just have to use the right tactics.

I believe that through your energy, you convey and establish trust with your leads. If you have the right energy and bring the right presence into your initial introduction to these leads, you can easily establish trust and check off the first box on this 3 step checklist.

2. They need to believe in themselves

It’s also key to help leads trust in themselves. They need to trust in themselves that they are going to achieve their goals and complete the program. They need to trust that when they purchase this program, they are going to commit to it and achieve the result.

You can encourage trust in your leads by setting incentives in your program that allow for students to reach and achieve milestones and get rewarded for that. You can promise up front that you will set up these milestones that will encourage them to stay on track and complete the program.

3. They need to believe in the offer 

The final thing you need to check off the list is you need the lead to trust in your offer. To allow your lead to trust in your offer, YOU have to trust in your own offer. Make sure you are selling a system or product, not yourself. Yes, you trust in yourself, but do you believe in your system or method? Can your system or method stand alone, without you being the one selling it? Remember that you are just the creator of the method or system, you are not selling yourself.

Get ready to convert

Now that you have checked off those three items, you are ready to convert your leads from cold to warm!

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