Profit Over Perfectionism: Redefining Perfection -

Profit Over Perfectionism: Redefining Perfection

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Have you ever said, “I'm a perfectionist, though”, to explain your work ethic? Do you find yourself striving for “Perfect” just to feel like you are not good enough at the end of the day? If you have ever used the word perfectionist in your life, especially in connection to your identity, then let’s chat.

We are going along in business and we want to get to the other side where our course or membership is creating consistent income so we don’t have to worry about tall these things. Our ultimate goal is to have the perfect course, the perfect student results, the perfect response from our course. Something about achieving “perfect” feels safe when it comest to business, like if we are doing something right, nothing will ever go wrong.

Perfect means there is no failure attached to the situation

Perfection means there are no pop-up concerns that will ever come up again.

Being perfect means we get to avoid feeling uncomfortable  at any moment of our lives.

Where you want to go is real, but the illusion of what you are shooting for; perfection- isn’t real. It’s just a solution to make us feel safe.

Why Perfection is a Self-Created Barrier

Perfectionist are paralyzed daily by barriers they create for themselves. Notice that I said that the barrier wasn’t created by your circumstances. The barrier is created by YOU from your mind.

Perfectionist are putting up a stop sign on their success. Stop, you aren’t good enough. What you are doing right now is not good enough. You will not succeed in your life or your business because you aren’t good enough. And that is scary because if enough stop signs are put up, you will never get to where you want to go.

It’s like saying that getting to the finish line isn’t worth it unless it’s done “perfectly”

You Will Never be Perfect

Well guess what? You will never achieve the illusion of perfection. Perfect doesn’t exist. There is no perfect “right” way to go about creating your business. And, here’s the thing about right and wrong. I don’t believe anything in life is ever as simple as right and wrong. Sometimes we have to deal with the grey area in-between.

Don’t spend all that energy trying to hit that illusive idea of “perfect”, instead spend all your energy trying to hit the real, tangible goal of profit. Profit is REAL.

So when you are working and spending your time on your course or membership site being a catalyst of good in the world, and keep in mind where you are going. Where you are going isn’t somewhere where you have it all perfect. You won’t have the perfect slides, you won’t have the perfect students that go through your course and find success within 24 hours.

Where you are going is achieving profit with your business, not achieving perfection.

Let's Measure Success Differently

If you continue to measure by the illusion of perfection, you are working your butt off and you will never be rewarded. So, let’s measure your success differently from here on out.

No more pushing back projects because of letting the fear of not being good enough get in the way.

No more identifying yourself as a perfectionist. Remember that Identity is POWERFUL.

 Let’s attach our name to something that empowers us. Instead of saying, “I’m a perfectionist”, say “I’m an entrepreneur that is figuring it out.

Perfect doesn’t create profit. Perfect prevents profit from happening.

Let’s ditch all the “Should's” and actually start growing.


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