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69: How Far Should You Niche Down?

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Niching down is essential in clarifying and establishing authority with your audience, but exactly how far you need to niche down can be confusing. Language, perspective, and value are all key factors to consider when you start to niche down.

[1:05] Why marketing advice is all wrong

[03:30]  Why you need to direct everything towards the consumers perspective 

[05:10] How the language you use can be confusing

[06:40] How you niche down is key


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How many times have you been told to niche down? There are so many times we have been told, define our niche or find our niche. And the, the point of that is what to create clear, specific marketing to create marketing. And it makes sure that your message, whatever you're putting out on social media and your emails on your ads, you know, all of your different marketing pieces, that it's very, very clear and that it attracts the right people. Right. Which is awesome. Right? We want that type of marketing. You want that clear marketing, but the question is, number one, how far should you niche down?

And number two, are you niching down in the right way? Or are you just following what someone else has said? I really want you to think about this because here's what I have found. A lot of the marketing advice that is being shared is, is from a marketer's perspective, not an actual consumers perspective. When you think about the person that you're serving, the person that you're talking to, we always have to think about their perspective, right? And what do they want? Not what do we want, not who do we want to attract, right? Because if you think from a marketer's perspective, it's I want to attract, um, I want to attract first time moms, or I want to attract a volleyball coaches, high school volleyball coaches, right? That is your niche. That's your target audience. That's from a marketer's perspective. But if you market from a consumer perspective, well, that's a whole different ball game because you're going to say, I hope high school volleyball coaches.

And they're going to say with what, because what do they care about? They don't care. If you help them, they care about how you help them. They care about the result that you can give them. And that's what I want to talk about today. So how far should you niche down? You should niche down in a way that attracts people like crazy. So here's some examples. Here's some examples I have about three examples for you here. So example number one, I help first-time moms achieve their goals. Okay. Let's break this down because that person, everyone knows their audience. I mean, that's a pretty good niche, right? First-time moms, that's pretty niche down. So on that niche down check, you would get a checkbox. You are a check Mark. You'd be like, awesome. You get that green check. But is it from a marketer’s perspective that you get a green check or from a consumer perspective that you get a green check?

Because if you do this from a consumer perspective, they're going to be confused. They're going to be so confused. They're not going to listen to anything you have to say, because they don't understand what achieved their goals means. You're requiring them to burn way too many brain calories to understand how you benefit them. That's the thing. If your messaging, if your marketing requires them to burn a ton of brain calories, which means have them think way too hard about how you can help them. They’re done, they've left. They've gone to someone else already, or they're just not listening to you and that’s business that's business. So what we want to do is we want to learn how to play the game of business and direct everything to a consumer perspective. That way we don't have to worry about that. So here is what we could do.

Instead. I help moms get their kids to sleep 10 or more hours a night. Okay. I know exactly how that person can help me, right? If you don't want to get specific, but still be tangible, you can say, I help moms trade, sleep deprivation for a child who sleeps through the night. There's so many different ways that you can be super specific and super tangible and niching down, but not niching down in a way that’s just, just narrowing in on who you're serving, but it's actually narrowing on down on how you're helping the person that you want to serve. So, okay. Here's an example. Number two, I help teenage girls with their periods. Okay. So that is super niche. Again, teenage girls, you, we would get that green check Mark. Awesome. But with their periods is so unclear. I'm having to think really hard about what that even means.

I have to think, well, what is wrong with my period? You know? And so instead, what we could say is I help women eliminate PMs in 90 days, they never have to experience a painful period again. Okay. That is super clear, right? I hope you're kind of seeing these examples of how it is so possible to have a very clear and niche, but it still be confusing to the person that is listening to you. Okay. Here's the third and last example. And I have seen this on so many Instagram bios. I help life coaches magnify their value in their life and work. What the heck does that even mean? Right. Are you like listening to this? Is this not? Does this not have all the light bulbs go off in your head? And I don't know if you do this. I don't know if you do this, but it's always so funny to me because, and also it is really hard to see.

Um, especially if you don't have an outsider's perspective, looking on your messaging and marketing and all that kind of stuff. But because life coaching is live, coaches are so specific. So you're like if I call that out life, coaches will know I'm talking to them, but life coaches are going to walk away because magnified their value in their life and work. What kind of value on my magnifying? What am I doing in my life and work, right? Ma what am I magnifying is, is the biggest question. And I'm having to overthink because you're not explaining how you're actually helping me. They don't care if you're talking to them. If they don't understand how you can actually help them, that's the bottom line. So instead we could say, I help life coaches scale their businesses in a way where they always have a wait list of clients, because that is magnifying the value of their work of their life.

But it's a specific way they're doing that. And there's what they actually desire. Niching down is so important, but how you niche down and what you niche down on is even more important than just checking a box. Right? And I think a lot of us view the niche down or who we're serving as, Oh, this is just like a check box. I have to go through to get my marketing up, or I just have to figure this out so I can create this copy. And it's so much more than that. You it's, you're really, you're really saying this is how I’m going to impact and change your life. How powerful is that? So approach when you're going through this exercise, if you want to go through this exercise approach, it like that, don't approach it as a marketing checkbox, approach it as this is me telling the world how I'm going to impact the world in a positive way, how I'm going to impact their world in a positive way.

And it's, it's so much more fun when you think of it like that. Okay. I hope this was helpful. I know we get, we have so much advice when it comes to niching down and I just wanted to offer a different perspective that you may or may not have even thought about. So go through this exercise, if you want to, I find it to be super freaking helpful. And I hope this is super fun to go through.


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